Center Pivot

Center Pivot

Center Pivot Irrigation Systems

Center pivot irrigation provides uniform water distribution particularly where low-pressure water situations exist.   Center Pivot systems are often designed for  low-speed, high torque applications and many  operate well in either direction getting the power to the ground with a the least amount of wasted energy.

AG Irrigation installs center pivots from Zimmatic and services  pivots from several companies who specialize in center pivot irrigation systems including including T-L and Reinke.  We support the most current irrigation technology from Zimmatic,  and Watertronics for irrigation systems installation.  We also service irrigation systems from other companies like Reinke, Valley  and T-L. Learn more on our Service Page ~ click here.

Zimmatic builds strong, tough, and efficient pivot irrigation systems. Watertronics provides the agricultural pumps and controls you “can depend on no matter where you farm.”

Center pivot irrigation system manufacturers focus on providing the grower with enough torque and power to go over the roughest terrain. Center pivot systems are one of the most efficient choices for your farm. Read more about why you should talk with AG Irrigation Services about servicing and installing your irrigation system whether its a center pivot or lateral move system on our About Us Page ~ click here.

We chose to be a dealer for Zimmatic because Zimmatic focuses on  building stronger, tougher, more efficient pivot irrigation systems. Watertronics provides the agricultural pumps and controls you “can depend on no matter where you farm.”

A Zimmatic system helps you save time and money because it moves your system automatically and also because less water is required so you will have lower pumping costs.  The pivots provide a more precise application of water than flooding does.  There is less water loss due to evaporation.  These type of pivot irrigation systems are environmentally friendly because there is no run-off which helps eliminate the potential for  contamination of streams or wetlands. One of the best bonuses is that studies show, that in nearly all cases, with the use of mechanical move irrigation  you will see higher production yields.

Some of the potential benefits of a Zimmatic Irrigation System:

  • 75% in labor savings
  • 35% less water may be used – and possibly greater savings
  • Higher crop yields
  • Energy savings of 36%
  • Longer pump life from savings on the number of pumping hours – 47% less hours
  • Less Run off allows for savings on fertilizer and chemicals from a more even application


With the integration of FieldNET, the wireless irrigation management system from manufactured by Lindsay Irrigation Systems, growers can now electronically import all of their irrigation records, pivot run times, and chemigation and fertigation events from FieldNET into a Land Database. (Land.db).

FieldNET collage image


The FieldNet software system enables the industry leading pump solutions provided by Watertronics, and the innovated center pivot irrigation systems from Zimmatic, to work together. The software monitors your systems and allows you to reach maximum efficiency. This system provides detailed monitoring of each pivot, the current operation and the position of your equipment. FieldNet can also tell you pump status, pressures, flows and provide you with alert messages. It can also be set to measure your energy use including providing charts to help you see trends in your power usage.

Growers  can save water, save power and save time with Watertronics full integrated pumping systems and their advanced control technology.



Sprinkler Packages & End Guns

Zimmatic primarily uses Senninger sprinkler package options on their pivots. A Zimmatic center pivot irrigation system will usually feature Nelson and Komet end guns. These companies are dedicated to saving water and designing innovative products for customize water application solutions. There are end gun designs for a variety of uses including reclaimed water situations.

irrigation end gun - image


Additional  Products

  • Field Basic
  • Field Vision
  • Field Boss
  • Zimmatic Corner Systems
  • GPS Guidance Systems
  • Mobile Pivots – towable pivot irrigation systems
  • Z Trax
  • Nelson & Komet End Guns
  • Senninger: i-Wob®, Xi-Wob® LDN®, Super Spray®, Quad-Spray, Goosenecks and more

Whether you have a small family farm, a large family farm or a corporate farming operation we have the irrigation technology and expertise to ensure that your irrigation product will meet or exceed your expectations. Please contact us about system upgrades, part replacement or about a new irrigation system in West Michigan. In addition to pivot systems we install drip and micro irrigation systems including dripperlines and sprinklers.  We are committed to providing you with the best system to meet your needs with reliable service.



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