Hard Hose Travellers

Hard Hose Travellers

Hard Hose Traveling Gun Irrigation Systems

Are you planning a new or expanded agricultural irrigation system, with an eye on installing a hard hose traveller in Michigan? Let AG Irrigation Services of Zeeland, MI help you plan and design your hard hose system’s layout.  We have the experience and  technological expertise to help evaluate the effective design area, determine irrigated acreage and then provide an irrigation system with the most effective wetted area.  We understand the terminology and the science behind it. Whether you are looking at a single lane irrigation system or a multiple lane irrigation system we are ready to help figure out the exact hard hose traveller needs for the most effective wettable area. We have several hard hose traveling gun irrigation systems available and feature the Cadman Traveller.


traveller irrigation in field - image

Cadman Traveller Hard Hose Irrigation System



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